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Here at Bigfat's headquarters we believe that there's just nothing like a super tasty burrito, be it carne asada, carnitas, shrimp or even a vegi. We like to drizzle a variety of our delicious sauces all over these delectable little monsters and we figured you might like to as well. So with that in mind we put together the Burrito Booster set made up of some of our favorites that compliment burritos and, honestly, all the Mexican food that we use them on. Sea of Green verde style (mild-ish) is a tangy green sauce with poblano peppers, fresh squeezed lime juice, cilantro and roasted tomatilos backed with habaneros for just the right amount of heat. Kat's Eye smoked habanero (medium) starts with rich smoky, earthy and tangy flavors followed up with smoked habanero heat for an overall smooth yet bold experience. And last but not least our 5o8 chipotle (hot) rounds out the set with it's sultry and seductive smoky flavor and fierce habanero heat sure to ramp up any dish to chilehead level. Try one or mix them together because that works too. To take your meals to another level go ahead and add them to your tacos, fajitas, salsa, guacamole, beans, rice, you name it. The fiesta is in your hands!

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