B. Bigfat's Four Pack (MEDIUM)

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This is a set of our 4 MEDIUM hot sauces. These deliciously flavorful sauces are not crazy hot but there's definitely enough kick for them to let you know they mean business.  A great gift for lovers of heat without getting out of hand. It includes one bottle each of 1o8 garlic basil, Kat's Eye smoked habanero, 3o8 garlic ginger and 4o8 jerk style hot sauces. A great variety of flavor to expand every meal into an adventure. Get one today!


For orders of 4 or more gift packs please email us directly so we can give you a more accurate shipping quote which will, more often than not, save you money on shipping. Thanks!

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    Jeremy Walsh is the Michael Angelo of Hot Sauce Artists

    Posted by D.Boes on 7th Dec 2014

    When one looks up the definition of art, it's common to find "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination". This my friends makes Jeremy Walsh an artist whose sagacious prowess in the fine art of hot sauce making is consciously purveyed the instant his concoctions reach the tongue.

    I was fortuitous enough to purchase the medium sample pack; including 108 thru 408. Immediately upon opening each bottle the yearning of my soul to bind with it's maker was temporarily fulfilled in the subconscious state of bliss granted to me with each flavor tasted. To say these sauces are artisan does not go far enough, as they are more like a baptismal rite into eternal utopia.

    Enjoy the endorphin rush my friends!