About Us

Hey gang! We at Bigfat’s have been in the sauce game for a while now and we occasionally get some questions thrown our way. How did we get here? Where is that large automobile? Why hot sauce? Where does that highway go to? How do you come up with your flavors? What’s the top speed of a full grown mountain gorilla? We will briefly try to answer all of these questions or a couple of them at least. Inquiring minds and all.

The whole thing started as a hobby back in the 90’s. I (Jeremy, owner, Bigfat) learned that I loved making hot sauce using only good stuff. I created one recipe I really liked and stuck it in a bottle. Some other people tried it and they liked it too.

Years later, while living in Hawaii and experiencing the folly of our financial institutions, I found I had some extra time on my hands. I invented some more unique sauces that I really liked and I stuck those in bottles too. We gave it to a bunch of people that also liked hot sauce in bottles made with good stuff and Bigfat’s was officially born.

We journeyed back home to the Windy City after a time and got things rolling. We found someone to help us put our sauces in bottles (legally, thank you) and started selling it to more people that liked hot sauces made with good stuff.

We continue to make our unique hot sauces using the good stuff for people who like hot sauces with the good stuff. And there you have it. Thanks for your support.

PS - Mountain gorilla top speeds of up to 20 - 25 MPH.