About Us

Hey gang! We at Bigfat’s have been in the sauce game for a while now and we occasionally get some questions thrown our way. How did we get here? Where is that large automobile? Why hot sauce? Where does that highway go to? How do you come up with your flavors? What’s the top speed of a full grown mountain gorilla? We will try to answer all of these questions or as many as we can for inquiring minds below.


However, when writing this About Us section what it really means to me is that it’s really about you--our customers, our support and our fans. We truly couldn’t do this without you.So, for this, we thank you! We strive to give you the most excellent sauces and service we can, to help you turn your everyday meals into the ultimate spicy, flavor experience. And here is how it all began.


The Beginning

The whole thing started, probably very much like many of you, as a hobby back in the 90’s I (Jeremy, owner, Bigfat) learned that I loved making hot sauce and that I could make it using fresh, healthy ingredients, you know, the good stuff. I created one recipe I really liked and stuck it in a bottle. We even started having little hot sauce competitions at work. Soon, friends, family and coworkers became fans but as we know that’s not the ultimate test.


The Journey

Years later in 2008, while living in Hawaii and experiencing the folly of our financial institutions, I found I had some extra time on my hands. Enjoying the rich, bounty of some amazing farmers markets I started researching and  inventing some more unique sauces that I really liked and which started gaining popularity with coworkers and beyond. Always on the search for fresh peppers I finally found and struck a deal with a local pepper grower for the bulk of his beautiful red habaneros and some Kona Reds. As my creativity and curiosity bloomed I went so far as to order a bunch of ghost peppers directly from India just as they appeared on the scene and even contacted Frank Garcia (the creator of the Red Savina Habanero) for tips. (Totally nice guy by the way.) After about a year, with a bunch of research, permits, effort and a super tasty lineup of sauces Bigfat’s was officially born taking Kona by storm. We set up a booth at a local monthly street fair and the crowd went wild, which is really the true test of whether you’ve got something or not.


A year later we journeyed back home to the Windy City and started to get things rolling. (I know, why would you leave Hawaii? Don't get me started.) We found a co-packer to help us put our sauces in bottles (legally, thank you) and started selling it to more people that liked hot sauces made with the good stuff. I learned a ton in the process which helped make our sauces even better.


We debuted our 1o8 - 8o8 lineup at the Bowers Chile Pepper and Food Festival in 2011, as it was called back then, and they were a hit. It’s still one of our all-time favorite shows. Over the years we’ve gone to many different hot sauce events, markets and stores to get the word out and met SO many awesome people (you know who you are)!! Our initial lineup has, grown, changed and matured and I keep experimenting to create more tasty sauces for everyone to enjoy.


So there you have it, the Bigfat’s story in a nutshell. We love making our unique hot sauces for you, for the experience and the whole chilihead community (not to mention for duty and humanity!). We can’t thank you enough for all of your support and trusting us with your tastebuds.


PS - Mountain gorilla top speeds of up to 20 - 25 MPH.





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