7o8 7 Pot Citrus Hot Sauce

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2nd Place Winner in the People's Preference Hot Sauce category at Zestfest Midwest 2013!!!!

3rd Place Screaming Mimi Award Winner for Fruit based hot sauce - hot category at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2013!!

Experience a burst of citrus flavor as it washes over you, quickly swirling into a vortex of spices and savory goodness. Just when you think it's over comes the exquisite wave of heat from fresh Trinidad 7 Pot peppers, one of the hottest chiles ever. Come get swept away.

Goes great with: Chicken wings, seafood, pork, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, ice cream, oat meal, sweet potatoes, turkey.

Ingredients: Orange juice concentrate, onion, water, Trinidad 7 Pot peppers, pineapple concentrate, garlic, pomegranate molasses, sea salt, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, and white pepper.

• No artificial additives or preservatives.
• Color of the sauce may vary due to natural ingredients.

5 0Z. bottle


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  • 5
    Best hot sauce I've ever had.

    Posted by Mark Walth on 1st Nov 2017

    So flavorful, goes on almost anything. Truly hot, but not enough to keep you from eating it.

  • 5
    Pretty good

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Aug 2017

    Pretty great. I can get away with putting it on almost anything.
    Good spice. For me, it creeps up, and then burns for a bit.

  • 5
    Unbelievable flavor

    Posted by Unknown on 24th May 2017

    Sweet, tangy, and the perfect amount of heat for everyday use. Best hot sauce I've ever had, hands down.

    You can put it on anything.

  • 5
    #1 on my list.

    Posted by Don Sutton on 3rd May 2017

    Easily, hands down, the best hot sauce I've ever tried.. The flavor is sweet and very spicy. Completely unlike any other sauce I've ever had (and at 50 yrs old, I've had a lot!) The heat is "chilihead' level, but it's the taste that knocks it out of the park. I wish I could find the words to better describe the flavor, but they wouldn't do justice to just getting your own bottle. Thank you Bigfat's!

  • 5

    Posted by Ian on 9th Feb 2017

    This is the hot sauce I've been trying to find for years! Spectacular on literally anything. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  • 5
    Fantastic! Spicy and well balanced.

    Posted by Jason S. on 25th Aug 2016

    This could very likely be my favorite hot sauce. Until replacing my initial purchase, I found myself sparingly using the last bit of my bottle from Heatonist in Brooklyn.

    Highly recommended, nice amount of heat for you sauce pros out there, but well balanced with citrus. Amazing on breakfast foods and potatoes.

    Treat yourself.

  • 5
    Friggan Awesome

    Posted by HB Davis on 26th Feb 2016

    I ordered this sauce with high expectations, and I was not disappointed. It has heat, don't get me wrong, there is definitely some fire there. However, unlike a lot of hot sauces, this one has flavor! It is delicious as a recipe additive and beyond the burn, it really adds a distinctive and pleasant flavor. I would absolutely recomend trying this if you like a tasty sauce that will grab your attention.

  • 5
    Jeremy Walsh Bigfat's 7pot citrus 708. Awesome sweet very hot sauce, thanks for recommending the sauce from Bill More. Great flavor and taste plus heat !

    Posted by Ronald Baland on 23rd Feb 2016

  • 5
    Great Flavor, Lingering Burn & Taste

    Posted by Matt Ryan on 22nd Jan 2016

    I love hot sauce. I put it on everything. When i discovered this stuff last summer, my other 18 bottles of sauce got put away cause this sauce was IT. Just a little bit goes such a long way, both in spice, and in flavor. This sauce makes the best spicy tuna sandwiches.

    I discovered this sweet-beast at a stand at a BBQ festival. They gave me a small sample on a tortilla chip. I very much enjoyed it. better yet, after 4 platters of ribs, pulled pork, and wings, i could still make out the taste of that one sample. I knew it was LOVE. so i bought 4 bottles.

    That was a year ago, and now i need to buy more.

  • 5
    must buy

    Posted by stanton on 28th Jan 2015

    If you love hot sauce and you love citrus, BAM. You need to buy this right now. It is very spicy but has a great balance from the citrus. Tried it from a friend's bottle and ended up buying 3.

  • 4
    great pop to it

    Posted by brian weber on 22nd Jan 2015

    Packs a punch and great on pizza

  • 5
    BEST EVAR!!!

    Posted by Charlie on 1st Nov 2014

    OH man this sauce is great! I had it at a restaurant in Chicago and I liked it so much I had to buy it. Make that 2!

    It has enormous amounts of heat due to the 7 pot peppers but it does have a some balance with the sweetness provided by the citrus/fruit they use in the sauce. This is without a doubt my favorite hot sauce.