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02/08/13 - About Bigfat's - Here's a short video about Bigfat's made for us by our friends at credstyle films and
Thanks to Debbie and Joe.

05/22/12 - Interview with
In this interview with James Wreck of we talk all about Bigfat's and he reviews three of our sauces. Thanks to James and the whole crew.

04/16/12 - Interview with Hot Sauce Weekly (audio)
In this interview with Brian and Marilyn Meagher of and we talk about the beginnings of Bigfat's, where the naming of the sauces and company came from and, of course, the sauces themselves and what's to come in the future. Thanks to Brian and Marilyn for a great conversation.

11/15/11 - Interview with Hot Sauce Madness (written)
Here is an interview from Mike of, and Check out his blogs with reviews, great recipe books and loads of great chile information. Thanks for the opportunity Mike.

09/15/11 - Hot Sauce Weekly Interview at Bowers Pepper Fest (audio)
In this audio clip we are interviewed by Brian Meagher of and The podcast is hosted by Brian and his wife Marilyn. It can also be found on iTunes where they talk about all things spicy and BBQ along with lots of great product reviews. We are mentioned at the 5:35 mark and there is a picture below.

09/13/11 - Eating a Trinidad Scorpion Pepper (video)
Al "Buddah" Goldenberg of gets me to try a freshly picked Trinidad Scorpion.

09/12/11 - Interview at Bowers Pepper Fest
This is our first "official" interview with Al "Buddah" Goldenberg of Check out his site for information on spicy products, people and events.

04/21/11 - Written article/review/recipe piece
Here is a piece by Colleen from the blog Fishful Thinking. She writes a little bit about Bigfat's 1o8 habanero, 2o8 bajan style and 3o8 garlic ginger and whips up some tasty recipes to use them in.